Christie Belden


Neuropsychologist, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

Director of Neuropsychology Division, Banner Sun Health Research Institute (BSHRI)
Cleo Roberts Center for Clinical Research

Dr. Belden is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in dementia and cognitive disorders of aging, as well as cognitive changes associated with Parkinson’s disease. She performs outpatient neuropsychological assessments for physicians in the neurology outpatient clinic at the Cleo Roberts Center (Sun City, Az). Additionally, Dr. Belden performs clinical rating assessments for clinical trials at the Cleo Roberts Center, and she collaborates with BSHRI scientists on grant writing and publications. She is a sub investigator for the BSHRI Brain and Body Donation Program. She also is involved in the Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center supervising annual longitudinal neuropsychological assessments and consensus diagnosis of study participants.