Eric M Reiman


Genomics, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

Executive Director, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI)
Chief Executive Officer, Banner Research, Clinical Director of the Neurogenomics
Division at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Arizona
Director, Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium

Dr. Reiman is Executive Director of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI), Chief Executive Officer for Banner Research, Clinical Director of the Neurogenomics Division at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, and Director of the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium. His research interests include brain imaging, genomics, and their use in the unusually early detection and tracking of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the evaluation of genetic and non-genetic risk factors, and the accelerated evaluation of treatments to prevent AD.

He is the author of more than 200 publications and the principal investigator of several NIH research grants. He and his colleagues have used imaging techniques to detect and track the earliest brain changes associated with the genetic risk of AD, and they have shown how how imaging techniques could be used in at-risk people to evaluate promising Alzheimer’s prevention therapies without having to study many healthy volunteers or wait many years to determine if they go on to develop symptoms. Dr. Reiman and his colleagues have introduced advanced image-analysis methods and strategies, starting with the image standardization/image averaging paradigm that has helped to transform studies of the human mind and brain; and they have made other significant contributions to brain imaging, the behavioral neurosciences, and genomics research.

Under Dr. Reiman’s leadership, researchers and institutional leaders in the state established the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium, the nation’s leading model of statewide collaboration in AD research. In 2006, he and his colleagues established the BAI, which is intended to accelerate the evaluation of promising AD prevention therapies, help to establish a new standard of care for patients and families, and forge a model of collaboration in biomedical research. In addition to his other responsibilities, he  oversees research at Banner Health, one of of the largest non-profit health systems in the United States.

Dr. Reiman and his colleagues have developed an “Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative” (API) to help launch a new era in AD research. The API is intended to evaluate amyloid-modifying treatments in cognitively normal people who, based on their age and genetic background, are  at the highest imminent risk of AD symptoms, help establish the biomarker endpoints and accelerated regulatory approval pathway needed to rapidly evaluate the range of promising prevention thereapies, and provide exceptionally large AD Prevention Registries as a shared resource for these and other prevention trials. Preparation for the API’s first prevention trials is underway in Medellin, Colombia (home to an extraordinariily large kindred of carly-onset AD-causing mutation carriers).


Phone: (602) 839-6999