Heather A Bimonte-Nelson


Psychology, Arizona State University

Associate Professor, Barrett Honors Faculty
Behavioral Neuroscience Division Chair
Arizona State University, Department of Psychology

The broad research goals of our laboratory are to characterize the cognitive and brain changes that occur during aging, and to develop behavioral, pharmacological and dietary strategies to attenuate such alterations. Towards these goals, one of our primary interests is to determine the roles that sex and gonadal hormones play in brain function, neurochemistry and cognition across the adult lifespan, ranging from young adulthood to old age. While our current research questions are being addressed using animal models, one of our long-term objectives is to apply these questions to the human population via clinical research.

Office Phone: (480) 727-0766
Lab Phone: (480) 727-5549
Fax: (480) 965-8544
E-mail: bimonte.nelson@asu.edu