Rosemary Renaut


Mathematics and Statistics, Arizona State University

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program Director National Science Foundation Computational Mathematics Affiliated Professor,Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Former Director, Computational Biosciences Program
Former President, Faculty Women’s Association

Dr. Renaut’s research centers around the analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations. Particular emphasis is directed at the convergence theory of finite difference methods for hyperbolic equations, which involves the use of a variety of tools from real and complex analysis. Interests of a more applicable kind include the development of absorbing boundary conditions for wave propagation problems solved via finite difference or spectral methods.  She is also interested in the design of parallel algorithms. Current research in this area focuses on parallel optimization algorithms for 3D visualization of the brain.

Education: Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Cambridge 1985

Phone: (480) 965-3795
Fax: (480) 965 8119