Stephen Johnston


Internal Medicine, Arizona State University

Professor, School of Life Science
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Director, Center for Innovations in Medicine
The Biodesign Institute

Dr. Johnston recently joined ASU from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) where he was Professor of Internal Medicine and the Eugene Tragus Chair in Cardiology. He and three colleagues founded the Center for Biomedical Inventions at UTSW in 1998, Johnston served as Director of the center until his decision to join ASU. The center was among the first to bring a broad group of disciplines together to invent solutions to basic problems in medicine. Since its establishment in 1998 the Center for Medical Innovations in Dallas has generated over $1 million in grants, published over 200 publications in leading research journals, been granted 14 patents and formed two spinout companies.

Stephen Albert Johnston, PhD, leads an interdisciplinary team that seeks advanced solutions to basic medical problems. Specific research includes drug targeting, vaccine technology, cancer treatment and presymptomatic diagnosis of cancers through identifying the biosignatures of disease. Dr. Johnston engages the most advanced technologies in biology and chemistry in the pursuit of use-based science. He believes an interdisciplinary teams of chemists, biologist and computer scientists with highly aspirational goals. This includes creating a system for early detection and universal treatment of all cancers. A second is to create a simple at-home instrument that would take an individual’s biosignature every day. This “biosignature” would read out hundreds of your blood components and compare it to all previous readings. This would allow detection of illness before the onset of symptoms. If developed, this technology would transform medicine into a personal, presymptomatic mode.

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